About the Universal Income Project

These days, advances in technology are allowing us to do new and amazing things. But these advances can come with a cost: as technology is used for more and more purposes, it can disrupt the traditional labor model and put people out of work by automating their jobs. If this trend continues, we could be looking at wide-scale unemployment and drastic increases in inequality in the near future.

Universal basic income is a simple idea that could have a radical impact on our society: give people enough money to meet their basic needs, providing everyone in the country with an income floor. Basic income could eliminate poverty, support entrepreneurship and creativity, and prepare us for a future where most jobs have been displaced by automation.

Over the past year, universal basic income has picked up a lot of steam — countries around the world are now pursuing the idea, and there’s been a flurry of media on the topic. However, most people in the United States still haven’t ever heard of it.

If we want to turn basic income into a viable policy solution, we need to change that. We at the Universal Income Project believe that raising awareness and support are the most effective ways to push forward basic income in the United States right now — an informed and supportive population will be key to passing any future policy.

To that end, we are working to build networks and use creative tools to educate, popularize, and organize around this radically common-sense idea. Our work is powered by volunteer efforts, and we encourage anyone who would like to get involved to sign up here.

The Universal Income Project is fiscally sponsored by the Roosevelt Institute. We receive generous in-kind support from The Lab and CEL Education Fund.

For any questions or media inquiries, please email questions@universalincome.org or call (628) 400-7514.