Organize a Create-a-thon

Putting together a Create-a-thon in your city may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, we have a guide and resources to help you through the process. Read the organizing steps below, and then let us know if you’re ready to get started by filling out the form at the end.

Hosting a Create-a-thon takes work. You’ll need to find a place to host the event, recruit attendees, and facilitate logistics all weekend. It helps if you can find a friend or two to help organize with you. Don’t worry–we’ll provide support for each step of the way. You’ll want to start planning about two months before the Create-A-Thon date, and plan to spend about 10 hours a week leading up to the event.

Here’s what the Create-A-Thon schedule looks like:

Friday evening: Choosing a Project. The first day of the Create-a-thon is all about helping attendees get creative–introducing them to Basic Income and to each other. You may want to bring in speakers to address aspects of Basic Income, answer questions, and spark ideas for projects. After a few minutes for personal introductions, participants will pitch their project ideas, organize into groups, and create a plan for work on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday: Doing the Work. Saturday is the primary work day. You’ll want to maintain a creative and productive atmosphere in the space as participants focus on turning their project ideas into reality.

Sunday: Wrapping up and Presenting. Groups have a few hours to finish up projects before presentations begin. Presentations are open to the public and livestreamed, allowing the global Basic Income community to get involved. Over 450 people tuned into the project presentation livestream for the San Francisco Create-a-thon!

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Ready to get started?
Organizing a Create-A-Thon is a great way to raise local awareness about Basic Income and bring the Basic Income community together in your city. We need organizers to step up and make that happen all across the country — if you’re ready to host a Create-A-Thon in your city, fill out the form below:
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